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Designed and created as a sales gallery for IJM’s prestigious development at KL,interior design of the PSP gallery is inspired from nature and interpretation of its beautiful and organic forms. The design creates dynamic flow of spaces using natural curves, complementing the pure geometry of interlocking cubes that form the building enclosure. These transparent interlocking cubes connect the natural interior geometry of the gallery space to the lush green surrounding of the exterior, creating visual linkage from inside to outside during the day time and from outside to inside in the evening and night.

In order to create a memorable and lasting experience, the interior of the project is conceived as a multifunctional gallery, where flowing spaces create ambience for the sensory appreciation of displays. The purity of the natural white curves of the gallery creates beautiful back drop for multiple displays and uses, be it IJM’s impressive projects, a fashion show, launch of a luxury productor simply a space for an evening of celebrations. Such diversity of use will allow the gallery to become an icon for the city and attract people beyond just IJM’s project launches further enhancing IJM’s brand in the market.

The interior design concept was to create something timeless and long lasting that will remain beyond the PSP project completion time.

Designed by Design Worldwide Partnership.