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Residential condominiums will seat nicely at the foothill of the natural hill to the west, acting as a green background for the entire development.


Influenced by nature’s natural settings, the first residential parcel, the modern structure of CHRYSALIS welcomes you home and brings you closer to Mother Nature. Let the enchanted topiary garden allure you into magical moments of fun-filled canopy tree house, cascading flower garden, giant tree with cocoon tree house, totem plaza, open lawn with maze stepping pads and much more.

The first parcel consists of 211 residences with home sizes from 1,125 – 1,965 sq.ft. The linear forest walk between the residential and forest enables you to take a breeze stroll into Mother Nature.


The second parcel of the residential development comprises of 243 units of condominiums with unit sizes ranging from 1,050 –1,670 sq. ft. The landscape of Rain Forest in Parcel 2 characterizes the four main layers of emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. By having the concept of the forest through the layering of the forest plants, this parcel explores the plant diversities and instils the importance of a rain forest in our life.

Parcel 3

This development consists of 235 condominium units, adjacent to Parcel 2. The landscape of this development boasts about the forestry greenery concept. It portrays different types of evergreen plants in a residential urban context. The predominant use of green for soft and hard landscape conveys vigor and beauty of nature.

Parcel 4

Home to 421 condominium residents, this development parcel landscape depicts the beauty of dwelling in the splendid sound of nature; lulled to rest by the rhythm such as the gentle rustling leaves, flowing waters and chirping birds.

The landscape represents the setting of fragrant gardens, playing with different texture of planting materials. Each of the open and private gardens brings its own unique experience.

Parcel 5

Located at the foothill, this development comprise of 389 condominium units. It offers splendid view lines towards the forest.

The landscape design emphasizes on the integration to the forest capturing the beauty of the verdant hill, vast open space on ground level and the orientation of the buildings that merges well with the pedestrian and community friendly enclave.

A picturesque landscape view that invites one to contemplate the unfolding beauty of nature…

Parcel 6

The development encompasses 210 condominium units with its landscape character inclines towards serenity. Spread with pocket gardens, the landscape allures one to break away from the world and be inspired with wisdom and strength. The wavy and undulating yet strong forms on the pavement and hard landscape features a new found freedom to rise above the mundane.